Rates for commercial and industrial projects vary according to equipment used, location and the the amount of finished work required. In general, a half-day booking covers most circumstances, although some projects may benefit from a full day schedule to take advantage of changing natural light and other considerations. Travel charges may be incurred for projects outside the Phoenix metro area. With half day and day rates we deliver 10-15 high-res stills and 2-3 minutes of edited video.  Video titles and licensed music are available at $99.

Half-day rate: $499

Full- day Rate: $899

to discuss your project and determine your costs, please complete the project request form above or give us a call!

The Contract
          A contract to provide aerial photography or videography or any other products or services is formed between a client and Airship Imaging, LLC (herein called Airship Imaging) when an order is received from the client in written, verbal or electronic form.

 Airship Imaging real estate video and photography products, while produced to client specifications, are designed for
quick turnaround (36-48 hours) and are considered standard products quoted at a flat rate. Projects requiring additional
pre and post production, such as agent and/or community videos, are more custom in nature and require a separate quote.

        Airship Imaging agrees to supply the products and/or services as detailed in the order and according to the terms and conditions of this contract.

         Airship Imaging shall issue an invoice for products and/or services rendered. Unless otherwise arranged in advance, payment in full will be required prior to release of finished videos and photos. Clients will be provided watermarked images and video until

payment in full is received.

       Airship Imaging accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may arise from the supply of the products and/or services.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to supply the products and/or services as specified in the order, liability shall be
limited to the  total invoice value – or monies already paid by the client.

     Unless otherwise stated in the order,  Airship Imaging retains copyright to all original material—including video recordings, graphics, soundtracks, and any other elements commissioned by the client in relation to the order. The client will ensure

that permission has been arranged and licensing fees, if any, have been paid for the use of any client-supplied copyrighted
material. The client must also ensure that model releases are obtained from any identifiable people, any performers or
performances, and permission has been obtained for the use of trademarks and locations. The client agrees to indemnify
Airship Imaging from any breach of copyright claims brought arising from the use of client-supplied material.

Right of Assignment
            Should Airship Imaging be unable to complete these terms and conditions, we retain the right to assign the supply and/or production of the products or services contracted by the client to another suitable company.

            Unless otherwise agreed, Airship Imaging will treat all information gained during the production of
contracted products or services as being private and confidential. Likewise, the client shall keep confidential
any methodologies and technology used to supply of the products or services.