We go  where other cameras can't, but that takes a little planning. First, we evaluate the subject property.  Location, orientation, configuration, and proximity to restricted areas such as airports, stadiums, and FAA designated No-Fly Zones need to be considered. We're also required to publish a Notice to Airman 24 hours prior to flight, and some areas may require an even higher level of notification.  We also watch the weather.  Bright, sunny days with just a few clouds are always best,  and we like to shoot mid-day to minimize shadows and exposure complications.  Certain properties can benefit from early morning and late afternoon shoots, when our amazing desert light helps create beautiful images. Wind is also a factor - we can operate in up to 15 knots.  Much more and the aircraft works very hard to stay in the proper  attitude, which can impact video image stability. Blowing dust can also be a factor.  

We fly  safely & legally with respect for the privacy of others.  Neighbors are usually interested in who we are and what we're doing, and we're happy to answer questions after we fly.  If they have issues, we immediately stop flying try to address them. We do not intentionally fly over private property, crowds, or busy roads. We do not fly indoors,  nor do we use any images of identifiable people or property without permission.


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It's  amazing   what you can see from here!

FAA Section 333 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator Exemption #12238